5.1.4 Social commitments A sustainable development strategy

The Group’s Sustainable Development policy is based on the following three groups of commitments, each with a dedicated action plan to ensure proper implementation:

PEOPLE: improve quality of life

One of Edenred’s objectives is to improve the quality of life of its stakeholders based on three goals: be a leading employer by providing a favorable environment for professional development and respecting diversity and human rights, promote well-being through healthy and sustainable nutrition, and contribute to local development by becoming personally involved and sharing the benefits of growth with local groups.


PLANET: preserve the environment

Edenred works to protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint, consumption of resources and waste, designing eco-services for mobility and food waste and managing the impact of its solutions during their lifetime.


PROGRESS: create value responsibly

Edenred is committed to creating value by developing its activities and partnerships ethically throughout its value chain, ensuring IT security and data protection and meeting the expectations of its stakeholders while involving them in the digitalization of its solutions.

Edenred has also formally articulated its involvement by setting quantitative targets for each of its medium- and long-term commitments. These ten annual targets have been disclosed and will be monitored and revised over the years to come. They are presented in the sections below.