Thanks to some of these performances, Edenred is now part of the following indices:


In recognition of its commitment to CSR objectives, Edenred has been included in the FTSE4Good Index series since 2010. An evaluation by an independent organization demonstrated that Edenred fulfilled the requirements for inclusion. The FTSE4Good Index series has been designed to facilitate investment in companies that meet globally recognized CSR standards.


S&P Global Sustainability award

Edenred was recognized for its 2021 performance in the top 15% of companies in its sector, earning it a place in the S&P Global, 2022 Sustainability Yearbook in the Industry Movers category. This index recognizes the commitments and top performances of businesses that comply with S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).


Solicited S&P Global Ratings evaluation

In 2022, Edenred proactively commissioned financial and non-financial rating agency S&P Global Ratings to evaluate its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. The two-part process involved a review of the company’s management of CSR issues and interviews with its senior executives, including an independent director.

Edenred is one of the first in its industry to solicit an evaluation of this type. The Group received an overall rating of 79 out of 100, breaking down as 83 out of 100 for its environmental profile, 72 out of 100 for its social profile and 74 out of 100 for its governance profile. This very good score confirms the maturity of Edenred’s approach to sustainable development and the due consideration it gives to strategic and emerging non-financial risks.


5.1.6 Heightened resilience and solidarity in the face of the health crisis

2021, like 2020, was marked by a global health crisis with unparalleled economic and social repercussions. Faced with the exceptional scale of the crisis stemming from the Covid-19 epidemic, Edenred demonstrated unmatched resilience and responsibility in a bid to offset the consequences suffered by its various stakeholders, first and foremost its employees and its ecosystem (corporate clients, partner merchants and employee users). Its solutions have also been recognized in many countries as relevant tools for economic recovery and assistance for people left vulnerable by the health crisis.

Edenred’s priority during the crisis has been to protect its employees by the implementation of working from home and dedicated Human Resources systems – a counseling helpline, distance learning, remote gym classes and virtual cafés – while continuing to apply the measures recommended by local public authorities. The action taken to protect the health and safety of employees during the health crisis is detailed in section, page 114.

Thanks to its highly digitalized offering and multi-local organization, Edenred has demonstrated good resilience in the face of this crisis. The Group was able to quickly adapt to continue serving its clients and meet the specific challenges of the crisis. Widespread adoption of homeworking arrangements and the implementation of public health measures accelerated Edenred’s transition to digital solutions. The crisis also led to the increased use of earmarked funds programs by companies and governments alike. During the crisis, Edenred leveraged its digital solutions and its capacity for innovation in order to meet market demand and continue developing its services for the benefit of users and merchants. The use of Edenred Solutions to stimulate the economy is discussed in section, page 142.

In parallel, Edenred deployed a number of outreach initiatives and launched the More Than Ever fund to support employees, merchants and communities. The outreach initiatives linked to the solidarity fund are detailed in section 5.2.2, page 120.