A model for creating responsible, sustainable and profitable value

The Group’s value creation model is a real-world reflection of the purpose Edenred defined in 2021: “Enrich connections. For good.” By forming and enhancing tangible, sustainable bonds between stakeholders across the board, Edenred’s technology solutions drive progress for ecosystem members, wider society and the environment.

2021 figures

Robust, diverse resources

Our capital


Just under 10,000 men and women driven by a purpose – “Enrich connections. For good.” – and strong values:

  • Passion for customers
  • Respect
  • Imagination
  • Simplicity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • A vast network connecting >50 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via roughly 900,000 corporate clients
  • A large brand portfolio deployed in 250 diversified programs
  • Une croissance profitable et durable, avec une marge d’EBITDA >41 %
  • Un modèle générateur de trésorerie sur des marchés peu pénétrés et en expansion
  • Une situation financière solide : ratio d’endettement net en baisse à 1,2x l’EBITDA

A digital platform with a ‘Tech for Good’ ethos, providing payment flow configuration, management, traceability and security

  • Almost 90% of business volume now digital
  • 200 partnerships in 23 countries with delivery platforms
  • 10-fold increase in mobile transactions in 3 years

Operations with a limited direct impact on the environment, with a commitment to limit consumption of resources and reduce carbon emissions

  • Energy: 1.6 MWh/employee
  • Renewable electricity: 560 MWh
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1 & 2): 7,427 tCO2eq
  • Actions guided by ethical principles in the 46 countries where the Group operates
  • Specific-purpose payment solutions, supporting the work of public authorities