Value sharing

Analysis of Edenred’s stakeholder flows

The table below sets out Edenred’s financial flows by priority stakeholder category in 2021. It illustrates Edenred’s economic impact, both directly on jobs and indirectly on its host country economies. Furthermore, as explained in Chapter 5 “Non-financial performance statement”, Edenred’s operations add economic value to the local economy, as its solutions are used in local shops and restaurants.


Analysis of Edenred’s stakeholder flows


A strategic plan built around three drivers…

Edenred’s platform model, coupled with the shift to digitalized processes and pooled support services, gives rise to significant scale effects, making it possible both to bring new solutions to market and to swiftly, extensively and cost-effectively roll out innovation and thereby generate profitable growth.

Capitalizing on these features, Edenred has built its Next Frontier strategic plan around several drivers of profitable and sustainable growth: