... underpinned by strong commitments

Since its origins in 1962, Edenred’s mission has been to make the world of work a better world for all. This commitment has allowed the Group to identify the central elements of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy: to improve the lives of individuals, to preserve the planet, and to create value responsibly.

The Group’s Sustainable Development policy, an integral part of its strategic plan, is based on the following three groups of commitments, each with a dedicated action plan to ensure proper implementation:







Edenred, still supporting its ecosystem in 2021

At the center of a system shaped by economic, social and environmental megatrends, Edenred designs products to meet essential needs in four areas: food, mobility, incentives and Corporate Payment.

In a year where Covid-19 continued to impact public health and the economy, governments and businesses called on Edenred to set up earmarked funds programs, which help provide targeted stimulus to the economy. Thanks to its unique digital platform, the Group was able to meet these requests by developing increasingly innovative programs in ever shorter time frames.

This was the case with the Romanian government’s aid program for low-income retirees, financed by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived. Edenred developed a fully paperless solution for the program to benefit 150,000 senior citizens, averaging 83 years of age. With an activation rate of over 80% and 7 million meals delivered, this solution improved beneficiaries’ quality of life and facilitated their financial inclusion, while supporting local businesses.

Similarly, Edenred extended its Benefit Express offering in Taiwan with a “Covid-19” pack during the hard lockdown in the second quarter of 2021. This solution gave our clients’ remote-working employees access to a specially developed network of online merchants, so they could safely order basic necessities.

In this way, the crisis has confirmed the validity of our programs and our contribution to making the world of work a better place for everyone, through access to healthier food, more environmentally friendly products and greener mobility.

With the firm belief that growth is only meaningful if it is shared, Edenred is also a responsible digital leader, sustainably committed to employees, businesses, merchants and public authorities.