5.5 Monitoring key performance indicators


Note on reported information:

Employee numbers correspond to the number of individuals on the payroll on December 31 and the number of full-time equivalent employees.
The concept of number of employees is designed to quantify the number of individuals under permanent and fixed-term contracts (this excludes interns, service providers and subcontractors), regardless of the actual time spent on site or their contractual working hours. Total number of employees is used to calculate several other indicators.
The concept of full-time equivalent is designed to quantify the workforce on a comparable basis, i.e., the standard full-time contract applied. The purpose is to measure the organization’s operational workforce, taking into account work week duration and contractual working hours. The figures also include interns and temporary employees.

(1) A manager is defined as an employee who manages others and/or has a high level of responsibility within the organization.
(2) Hours of training corresponds to the total hours of training (classroom and online) undertaken by employees in all Group subsidiaries.
(3) Lost-time incidents: non-fatal and fatal accidents occurring during or because of work, including commuting accidents, and involving salaried employees and all other persons working for the Edenred group in any capacity and at any location and resulting in at least one day of absence. Days of lost time are counted in business days and not in calendar days.
(4)Severity rate: number of days of lost time following an occupational accident multiplied by 1,000 and divided by the total number of hours worked by the entire workforce over the calendar year. Days of lost time are counted in business days and not in calendar days.
(5)Absenteeism rate: total number of person-days lost to absenteeism in the period divided by the number of person-days available in the period. This includes absenteeism due to occupational accidents, commuting accidents, occupational illnesses and non-occupational illnesses.
(6) In 2021, given the context, Edenred has given priority to helping its employees and partners by creating the More than ever fund, presented on page 121.