Products to foster more responsible behavior

Edenred’s solutions create a virtuous circle that impacts its ecosystem. Digital innovation takes things a step further by improving traceability. In addition to boosting revenue for partner merchants, changing consumer spending habits, increasing users’ purchasing power and supporting social and financial inclusion, these solutions are efficient tools for combating the development of the informal economy and reviving consumption growth nationwide in a specific sector.

Employee Benefits, especially programs related to food, Ticket Restaurant and Ticket Alimentación, help fight nutrition issues and improve employees’ eating habits. Employee Benefits programs offering childcare services offset the lack of public daycare facilities, and the different solutions providing access to sport and culture make employees’ lives easier and improve their well-being. On top of enhancing employee purchasing power, providing access to food security, and improving nutrition and health, these programs also foster more responsible everyday behavior, especially to combat food waste.

Edenred also develops employee travel solutions that encourage smart mobility with a low impact on the environment. With specific mobility solutions, Edenred optimizes employee commutes by facilitating access to transportation alternatives to the car.

Public authorities and institutions use Edenred’s services for the management and distribution of social benefits, in order to enhance the effectiveness of their policies in this area, in particular by improving the traceability of the funds allocated to the programs.

Lastly, Edenred supports financial inclusion and brings stability to precarious work by contributing to economic integration via basic financial services for those who need it, or by guaranteeing income stability and traceability for so-called precarious jobs, such as childcare and in-home services.

In a world making the environment central to the economic recovery and seeking to revitalize local economies, Edenred is better positioned than ever to help companies, merchants and public authorities transition into the world of tomorrow.


Products to foster more responsible behavior