6.1.3 Executive Committee

Edenred’s Executive Committee is made up of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer together with the heads of the key corporate and operational functions.

When selecting members of the governing bodies of the Group and its subsidiaries, and in particular the Executive Committee, the guiding principle is to promote or hire the candidate of the least represented gender, subject to suitable performance and aptitude. In this context, internal promotion is a priority; external firms are only commissioned in the absence of a suitable profile. These firms are required to systematically present candidates of each gender so as to ensure a balanced representation of women and men within the governing bodies of the Group and its subsidiaries.

As at January 6, 2022, the members of the Executive Committee are:

  1. Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer;
  2. Jacques Adoue, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources & Corporate Social Responsibility;
  3. Emmanuelle Châtelain, Vice-President, Communications;
  4. Gilles Coccoli, Chief Operating Officer, Payment Solutions & New Markets;
  5. Arnaud Erulin, Chief Operating Officer, Employee Benefits Solutions;
  6. Jean-Urbain Hubau, Chief Operating Officer, Fleet & Mobility Solutions;
  7. Philippe Relland-Bernard, Executive Vice-President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs;
  8. Eric Sauvage, Executive Vice-President, Marketing & Strategy;
  9. Julien Tanguy, Executive Vice-President, Finance; and
  10. Dave Ubachs, Executive Vice-President, Global Technology.


6.1.4 Diversity Policy on gender diversity in management bodies

Our ambition

Determined to reflect the diversity of its clients and aware that diversity is a source of well-being and performance, Edenred has initiated a global action plan to guarantee the same career opportunities for all its employees, regardless of country or entity.

Within Edenred, there are now around 50% men and 50% women. However, progress still needs to be made to improve gender diversity at the highest levels of the organization.

To achieve this, a policy targeting the Group’s management bodies (the “target population”) has been developed and is structured around four segments:

  1. the Extended Group Executive Committee (“E-GEC”), which brings together the Group’s Executive Committee, the Regional Directors and the General Managers (“GMs”) of the main business units;
  2. the General Managers of our business units;
  3. the Country and Regional Management Committees;
  4. the executive teams at corporate headquarters reporting directly to a member of the Group Executive Committee.

For each of these categories, the aim is to set objectives that are aligned with our ambitions. The following targets have been defined:


Gender diversity in management bodies

At the end of 2021, the target of women holding 30% of executive positions has been exceeded and has reached 34%.

The strategy developed in 2018 to achieve our gender diversity policy is based on three pillars:

  • recruitment;
  • promotion;
  • retention.