1.1 A global player operating in promising markets

1.1.1 Positioning in still largely underpenetrated markets

Edenred operates in still largely underpenetrated markets that offer significant growth opportunities, notably as programs and distribution channels go digital.



1.1.2 Favorable trends in the world of work

The underpenetration of the markets in which Edenred operates reflects the changing expectations of those involved in the world of work and society as a whole. It also reflects the digitalization of these markets and distribution channels, which significantly increases the number of companies in its addressable market and reduces the user acquisition cost.

The growth drivers in the Employee Benefits market primarily include economic formalization, intensifying urbanization, the emergence of a middle class and the increasing contribution of the services sector to the local economy. Demand is also being led by the rising number of women in the workplace, aging populations in developed countries and overall population growth in emerging economies, as well as aspirations for a better work-life balance.

The Fleet & Mobility Solutions market is benefiting both from employee demand for more mobility and from the need for companies to manage business expenses more effectively and improve their traceability, while reducing costs and optimizing the time spent managing them.

Complementary Solutions enable Edenred to offer a comprehensive range of solutions to companies and local authorities, particularly the Corporate Payment Services that help companies transfer and receive funds more efficiently and securely. Incentive & Rewards solutions respond to companies’ growing need to find ways of retaining and motivating their employees. Lastly, Public Social Program solutions support governments and local authorities in their efforts to combat informal employment and tighten control over the distribution of assistance, while also increasing the purchasing power of their constituents.