6.2.4 Additional information relating to corporate officers’ compensation (not subject to a shareholder vote)

Mr. Bertrand Dumazy held 83,291 Edenred shares at December 31, 2021, representing 0.03% of the share capital.


Hedging instruments

It is reminded that the Company does not allow corporate officers and Executive Committee members who receive performance shares to hedge the related equity risk until the end of the lock-up period set by the Board of Directors. They therefore declared that they had not used hedging instruments and committed not to use them in the future.

Lock-up requirement

Mr. Bertrand Dumazy, in his capacity as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is required to hold 15% of his performance shares in registered form for as long as he remains in office, until the amount of the shares held reaches the equivalent of one year of gross annual fixed compensation (with this figure calculated based on the gross annual fixed compensation applicable at January 1 of the financial year in question).