Edenred Corporate Payment

  • Sage expands partnership with Corporate Spending Innovations, an Edenred company, to deliver new Vendor Payments offering (Press release dated March 10, 2021).


Public Social Programs

  • Cameroon selects Edenred’s digital solutions to optimize management of its new subsidy program for local coffee and cocoa farmers (Press release dated December 21, 2021).

With the Agri Edenred solution, offered by the world leader in specific-purpose payment solutions, Cameroon’s government is setting up a digital earmarked payment system to easily, quickly and securely grant agricultural subsidies. The initiative is part of its “Farmer Gateway” program, which will provide direct funding to more than 600,000 cocoa and coffee farmers to develop this key sector of the country’s economy. Edenred’s payment solutions allow a million farmers in Africa to increase their yields by providing them with easy, traceable access to the fertilizers they need to develop their activities.



  • Edenred successfully places its first sustainability-linked convertible bonds for a nominal amount of approximately €400 million (Press release dated June 9, 2021).

To coincide with the placement, Edenred published its first Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework, which was reviewed by an external third party and is based on the achievement of three sustainable performance targets:

    • People: 34% women in executive positions by 2025;
    • Planet: 15% reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 versus 2019;
    • Progress: 64% of merchants and users made aware of balanced nutrition and food waste by 2025.

Guided by Edenred’s purpose, “Enrich Connections. For good.” this operation demonstrates the Group’s concrete commitment to sustainable development, which is notably reflected in:

    • the ten People, Planet, Progress objectives in its “Ideal” Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, addressing 12 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;
    • the indexation of the financial conditions of its syndicated credit line to two of these criteria since 2020;
    • the conditions governing free share allocation plans, 25% of which since 2021 have been linked to the achievement of quantified objectives in terms of diversity, the fight against global warming and awareness of sustainable nutrition.



  • Appointment to the Executive Committee: Jean-Urbain Hubau is appointed Chief Operating Officer of Edenred’s Fleet & Mobility Solutions and joins the Group’s Executive Committee (Press release of June 1, 2021);
  • Appointments and renewals to Edenred’s Board of Directors to be proposed at the General Meeting on May 11, 2021 (Press release dated March 29, 2021):
    • Françoise Gri, an independent director since 2010, Lead Independent Director, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Compensation and Appointments Committee, will be put forward for renewal,
    • Sylvia Coutinho, an independent director since 2016 and a member of the Compensation and Appointments Committee, will be put forward for renewal,
    • Angeles Garcia-Poveda will be put forward for appointment as an independent director,
    • Monica Mondardini will be put forward for appointment as an independent director,
    • Philippe Vallée will be put forward for appointment as an independent director.


Subsequent events

  • Appointment to the Executive Committee of Chief Operating Officer, Employee Benefits Solutions, and Chief Operating Officer, Payment Solutions & New Markets (Press release dated January 6, 2022);
  • Edenred strengthens its Beyond Fuel offering with the acquisition of Greenpass, an issuer of e-toll solutions in Brazil (Press release dated February 22, 2022).


1.3.2 2022 financial calendar