Third resolution

Appropriation of profit for the financial year ended December 31, 2021 and setting of the dividend

The General Meeting, voting under the quorum and majority conditions required for ordinary general meetings, having considered the Board of Directors’ report:

1) acknowledges that the net accounting profit for the 2021 financial year amounts to €331,208,273.25;

2) decides to appropriate this amount as follows:


Consequently, the dividend is set at €0.90 per share entitled to the dividend in respect of the financial year ended December 31, 2021.

3) decides that the dividend will be paid as from June 9, 2022, with an ex-dividend date of June 7, 2022.

It is specified that the dividend corresponding to the treasury shares or shares that have been the subject of a cancellation on the date of payment will be allocated to retained earnings.

4) decides that if the number of shares actually conferring entitlement to a dividend on the ex-dividend date is lower or higher than 248,536,041 shares, the total amount allocated to the dividend payment will be adjusted downward or upward and the amount allocated to retained earnings modified based on dividends actually paid.

Dividends paid to individuals domiciled for tax purposes in France are subject to a single flat-rate deduction of 30%, which includes (i) income tax at a flat rate of 12.8%, and (ii) social security levies (including the CSG wealth tax, the CRDS social security debt reduction tax and the solidarity tax) at a rate of 17.2%. However, they may choose to pay tax at their marginal rate of income tax. In this case, the dividend of €0.90 per share will be eligible for the 40% allowance under Article 158, 3-2° of the French General Tax Code for individuals domiciled for tax purposes in France. This choice must be made explicitly each year and is irrevocable. It applies to all income, net gains, profits and receivables that fall within the scope of application of the single flat-rate deduction for a given year (i.e., mainly interest, dividends and capital gains on transferable securities).

It is also specified that individuals who are part of a tax household whose reference taxable income for the penultimate year is less than €50,000 (single taxpayer) or €75,000 (taxpayers subject to joint taxation) may apply for a waiver of the compulsory withholding tax provided for in Article 117 quater of the French General Tax Code. The application for the withholding to be waived must be submitted by the taxpayer no later than November 30 of the year preceding the one in which the dividend is paid;

5) recalls that, in accordance with Article 243 bis of the French General Tax Code, the dividend payments for the last three financial years were as follows: