The other subsidiaries and affiliates are presented in Note 24 to the parent company financial statements.


2.2.9 Ratios



2.2.10 Risk factors

Risk factors are described in Chapter 4 of the Universal Registration Document.


2.2.11 Research and development activities



2.2.12 Subsequent events

Extension of the maturity of the €750 million credit facility.

At December 31, 2021, Edenred had a €750 million undrawn confirmed line of credit, expiring in February 2026. This facility will be used for general corporate purposes.

In January 2022, the maturity of the €750 million syndicated credit facility was extended by one year beyond its February 12, 2026 expiry date, following Edenred’s exercise of the maturity extension option granted in the facility agreement. All participating banks have accepted this extension. With the new five-year maturity, the facility will now be utilizable until February 2027.