4.4.7 Monitoring internal control

Internal control procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate and aligned with the Group’s objectives, particularly in view of the risks specific to each business and the costs of performing the controls.

The main structures responsible for overseeing the internal control system are as follows:


The Audit and Risks Committee

The Board of Directors’ Internal Regulations define the Audit and Risks Committee’s membership, terms of reference and procedures. The Committee is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the accounting policies applied for the preparation of the financial statements of the Company and the Group are appropriate and applied consistently from one period to the next;
  • monitoring the process for the preparation of financial information; and
  • checking that internal reporting and control procedures provide adequate assurance concerning the reliability and completeness of financial information and the control of Group risk exposure.

It assists the Board of Directors in ensuring that the financial statements of the Company and the Group are accurate, fairly stated and reliable. To this end, the Committee makes proposals and recommendations to the Board in the areas described in section, page 186.