5.1 Sustainable development strategy

5.1.1 Governance

Edenred has created an effective organization and governance system to disseminate its social, environmental and societal approach across all levels of the Group. Strategy, non-financial risks and opportunities, and performance indicators related to climate, inclusion, diversity, and respect for human rights are the responsibility of the HR (Human Resources) and CSR (Coporate Social Responsability) Departments as well as the Chief Executive Officer.

This organization leverages networks of local and regional correspondents. There are several different networks, categorized by theme or department (Human Resources, risk, IT security, personal data protection, customer satisfaction). These networks are tasked with deploying environmental, social and governance policies and leading local action plans. Roadmaps are developed in collaboration with the subsidiaries to apply global objectives to each subsidiary and to meet each country’s specific needs.

Performance reviews at both country and regional levels, which focus on the Group’s objectives, are organized each year for both managers and CSR correspondents. Some of these targets have a direct impact on the short- and long-term variable compensation of employees with an executive role. The key indicators are managed by the HR and CSR Executive Vice-President, and approved by the Executive Committee, which then presents them to the Board of Directors when reviewing the non-financial performance statement.